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  This year well over
30,000,000 people will get
  free government money!

  Over 1,000,000
  entrepreneurs will receive
  free government grants to
  start a new business or
  expand a business!

  5,000,000 people will
  get money to invest in 
  real estate ventures!

  6,000,000 people will
  get free money to attend

  10,000,000 people will
  get free help and training
  for a better job!

  4 million people who 
  are eligible to receive
  $6000 in free spending

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  Free Government Grants?
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is Available From Government Programs And Private Foundations to Help You Achieve Your Dreams! Take A Look At  A Small Sample Of What You Could Receive...

  $205,000 to start a car wash
$60,000 to open a coffee house
$100,000 to open a country inn
$60,000 to open a billiard parlor
 $5,000 to work with an artist
$8,800 to become a nurse
$3,000 to go on vacation in Italy
$25,000 to sell shirts
$92,000 to start a dry cleaners
$250,000 to sell cosmetics
$55,000 to start a bakery
$12,000 to cut hair
$56,000 to open a bike store
$30,000 to make videos
$12,000 to make crafts
$130,000 to open a bookstore
$300,000 to start a brewery
$100,000 to found a pizza shop
$8,000 in free legal advice
$75,000 to renovate houses
$43,000 to become a chef
  $70,000 to study arts
$10,000 to read poetry
  $25,000 to start a messenger
$535,000 to open a motel
$25,000 to start a consulting
$50,000 to edit science
   magazines  from  home

$2,000 to study storytelling
$20,000 to produce a children's
   television show  
 $100,000 to start a day care
$5,000 grant to train your
$210,000 to work on your
$260,000 to begin an exercise
$60,000 to open an amusement
$25,000 to go to school in
$30,000 to become an animal

$67,000 to start a cleaners
$65,000 to begin a weight loss 
$125,000 to run an auto repair
$105,000 to run a catering
$100,000 to become an interior
$100,000 to create marble
$95,000 to create ceramic tile
$3,000 for a teenager to start a
$22,000 for a year of free
   training for a high school dropout...
   and much


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Housing Grant Programs: 

Down payment assistance programs. These sources provide down payments for not
only first-time homebuyers but for all low - and moderate-income individuals and
families who wish to become homeowners, with no repayment and no second  
mortgage or lien of any type. It is a true gift to you!

Are you tired of paying your landlord every month so that he continues to build his
   assets and you have nothing to show for it other than a rent bill?

Do you want to have a safe environment for your children to grow up in?

Are you looking to become part of a community where you and your family can begin
   to build fond memories?

Did you think you’d have to wait until you saved enough money to buy a home?

Have you always wanted to own a home?

Are you looking to buy a bigger home?  

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you probably have what it takes to
own your own home. Order now and get started today!


   Over 5,000 Government Sources for Women Entrepreneurs : Grants, Loans, Venture
 Capital, Management, Federal Assistance!
   $75,000 If Your Business Is Hurt By Imports !
   $25,000 To Send Your Employees To Computer Classes
   $30,000 To Start A Business In A Small Town !
   $10,000.00 To attain her business degree!
   Free Money For Women To Start A Small Business When They’re Out of Work
   $25,000 To Start A Home Based Business
   $300,000 From Venture Capital Angles Who Invest In Women Entrepreneurs !
   $15,000 For Entrepreneurs With Disabilities
   Over $1 Billion To Work On Inventions and New Ideas
   $50,000.00 To help an ailing business!
   $3 Million For Women With Low Income To Start A Business
   $250,000 To Start A Day Care Center!
   Over 1 Billion Dollars For Woman's Education!
   Direct Links to over 1,800 Private Foundations & Corporate Foundations!
   New Free Grant Writing Software!
   $87.8 Billion Government Students Grants! 
   $58.5 Billion Government Minority Grants! 
   $165.5 Billion Government Small Business Grants! 
   Government Research Grants Over $94.5 Billion Available!
   Personal Grants Over $96.3 Billion Available!
   Government Housing Grants, Get Your Share of the $145.2 Billion!
   Government Women's Grants $98.4 Billion!
   Community Development $39.5 Billion!
   Government Non profit Organization Grants $104 Billion!
   Complete listing of Government Grants by Category & Agency!
   Free Grant Applications with every order!
   Information on Amount of Funding Currently Available!

 Complete Listings of College Scholarships and Grants!

   Complete Information on Low Interest & No Interest Loans for!
   Also Complete Information on SBA Low Interest Loans for Women & Minorities!

 Direct Web Site Links to the Thousands of Government Grant Organizations and
 Private Grant Foundations!

 Plus more!

  Below is a small sample of the government grant assistance
  Information available on our NEW CD-ROM under Money Links.

   Federal Assistance Grant Programs 
   Education Assistance Grant Programs
   Business Assistance Grant Programs

 Research Grant Programs


 Home Business Assistance Grant Programs

   Minority Assistance Grant Programs
   Low Income Assistance Grant Programs
   Housing Assistance Grant Programs
   Federal Direct Loan Programs
   Women's Business Assistance Programs
   Business Expansion Grants
   Health Care
   State Funding Programs
   Grants for Musicians
   Small Business & Commerce
   Business Development Programs
   Venture Capital Resources
   Free Business Counseling Services
   New Home Purchase Down Payment Assistance Program 
   Veterans Assistance Programs
   Nursing Programs
   Fullbright Scholarships & Many More
 and much more!

  This NEW CD-ROM will provide you with direct access to the every source of Free
  Money currently available. All you need to do is click & find the program that fits your
  needs from the detailed alphabetized listings.
  You can use the disc to apply directly online for Government Grants, Scholarships &
  Low Interest Loans and No interest Loans. Stop wasting time, Start applying now for the
  money you need, get money to start or expand a business, get the money you need to
  buy your dream home or for home improvement, medical needs, education or just to pay
  off your bills!






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