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  This year well over
30,000,000 people will get
  free government money!

  Over 1,000,000
  entrepreneurs will receive
  free government grants to
  start a new business or
  expand a business!

  5,000,000 people will
  get money to invest in 
  real estate ventures!

  6,000,000 people will
  get free money to attend

  10,000,000 people will
  get free help and training
  for a better job!

  4 million people who 
  are eligible to receive
  $6000 in free spending

 Need More Details on 
  Free Government Grants?
Click Here

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is Available From Government Programs And Private Foundations to Help You Achieve Your Dreams! Take A Look At  A Small Sample Of What You Could Receive...

  $205,000 to start a car wash
$60,000 to open a coffee house
$100,000 to open a country inn
$60,000 to open a billiard parlor
 $5,000 to work with an artist
$8,800 to become a nurse
$3,000 to go on vacation in Italy
$25,000 to sell shirts
$92,000 to start a dry cleaners
$250,000 to sell cosmetics
$55,000 to start a bakery
$12,000 to cut hair
$56,000 to open a bike store
$30,000 to make videos
$12,000 to make crafts
$130,000 to open a bookstore
$300,000 to start a brewery
$100,000 to found a pizza shop
$8,000 in free legal advice
$75,000 to renovate houses
$43,000 to become a chef
  $70,000 to study arts
$10,000 to read poetry
  $25,000 to start a messenger
$535,000 to open a motel
$25,000 to start a consulting
$50,000 to edit science
   magazines  from  home

$2,000 to study storytelling
$20,000 to produce a children's
   television show  
 $100,000 to start a day care
$5,000 grant to train your
$210,000 to work on your
$260,000 to begin an exercise
$60,000 to open an amusement
$25,000 to go to school in
$30,000 to become an animal

$67,000 to start a cleaners
$65,000 to begin a weight loss 
$125,000 to run an auto repair
$105,000 to run a catering
$100,000 to become an interior
$100,000 to create marble
$95,000 to create ceramic tile
$3,000 for a teenager to start a
$22,000 for a year of free
   training for a high school dropout...
   and much


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loans by phone, loans, business loans


Fast Money For People in Need!

  Collect BIG fees for getting people loans over the telephone. Many
  800 numbers are available for your toll-free calls to get money faster.

  • Immediate funding
  • NO fees; NO points
  • NO credit check
  • NO appraisal fees
  • Instant approvals
  • Worldwide low rates
  • One-hour approvals


  • All types of business loans available
  • Mortgages for real estate -1st, 2nds, 3rds, where needed
  • Letter of credit - all  types - by phone
  • Apply by phone, toll-free; save time
  • Anyone can apply; everyone is eligible
  • Problem cases our specialty


Today, almost everyone needing money for business or real estate is in a hurry. You can serve their needs (and your own if you're looking for a loan) by using the newest way to raise money - LOANS-BY-PHONE

 There are dozens of ways you can use this new approach to raising money for any kind of business or real estate deal. In a matter of moments you can learn 1) if a loan can be made 2) what the interest rate will be 3) when a closing can be held for the loan.

Even if you don't like to make phone calls, and even if you can't make a phone call, LOANS BY PHONE can help you. How? By speeding up the process of loan approval - saving you and your client time.

Get the new, never-offered-before LOANS BY PHONE KIT. It could get you $1,500 to $25-million or more.


GET names and phone numbers (some toll-free) of more than 200 lenders who work by phone. (Your cost is less than 50 cent per name) Updated weekly.

GET "The Art of Making Loan-Getting Phone Calls" - tips on making each phone call work for you by having others make the calls for you.

GET Typical application forms, client agreements, time-zone map for planning your phone calls, interest-rate tables.

GET Monthly updates on LOANS-BY-PHONE LENDERS for three months, at no cost to you when you become our Loan-by-Phone Broker.

GET Step-by-Step LOANS-BY-PHONE procedures for yourself and your client-the methods you can use now today to earn big fees from clients or to get big loans for yourself.

GET Fast Loan Decisions - don't wait around for weeks-get your answer-YES or NO in just minutes. If the answer is NO, move on to the next lender by just punching in a few numbers. Stop losing time and money-now.

GET Rich from loan fees faster. Make just a few calls each day and earn your money in an hour or less - take more time off. Work less-earn more.

Become a LOANS-BY-PHONE BROKER and get started in under 2 hours. You will get the complete kit plus 3 updates of LOANS-BY-PHONE LENDERS (10 or more per month).

Our 100% 60 DAY Money Back Guarantee!
Although we have every confidence in our fabulous LOANS-BY-PHONE program we realize that not everyone will be 100% satisfied. That is why we are offering our this unbeatable 100% money back guarantee. In the unlikely event that there are 0 loan programs that you qualify for, simply return the program to us within 60 days of the purchase date and we will refund you full purchase price.
NO QUESTIONS ASKED!  What could be more fair! 

Place your order TODAY for the LOANS-BY-PHONE PROGRAM plus my 3 monthly updates of lenders.

Your Privacy Is Protected  See Details


TOTAL   $89.95


Fair business player certified by the Fair Trade Authority 

We accept the following payment methods



Phone Orders Please Call: (951) 389- 0206 ( 8am to 6pm PST M - F)
wpeB.jpg (12401 bytes)   All Orders Are Processed And Shipped Immediately Within 24
 Hours Via U.S. PRIORITY MAIL with Delivery Confirmation.

  (There's a $25.00 Service Charge on Returned Checks)




  • = what some lenders say about the loans they make




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